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SmartOS Core Technologies



SmartOS Training

Learn SmartOS from the experts with training from Joyent.

SmartOS Overviews


The smartos-discuss mailing list is a forum for useful questions and answers - see the searchable archives here; sign up here.

There's a #smartos room on, and you'll also find the SmartOS crowd hanging out in #illumos and #joyent.

illumos User Group

Get together with others interested in illumos, SmartOS, and related topics. Join the Bay Area illumos user group on Meetup (so you'll receive meeting announements), and/or let us know if you want to start a user group in your area.

SmartOS Repositories and Docs on GitHub

(Open)Solaris Documentation

  • Solaris Internals, Solaris Performance and Tools (books and wiki)
  • OpenSolaris documentation
  • Solaris 11 Express Documentation:¬†Aside from new additions that are well documented, Illumos is very similar to Solaris 11 Express. You can learn more about System Administration and features like ZFS, Zones, Networking by reading these.

The Larger Community

You can find information on our Solaris relatives here:

Articles and Media