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Building Individual Drivers in SmartOS

Building a single device driver

The following is based on the assumption that you have done a complete build. See

Prepare the environment

cd illumos/usr/src
./tools/proto/root_i386-nd/opt/onbld/bin/bldenv ../../

Build your driver

cd uts/intel/<drivername>

Protip (rmustacc)


git ls-files |grep <drivername>


git ls-files | grep '<drivername>/Makefile'

when locating file for a particular driver

Developing a new network device driver

When developing a new device driver the convention is to have:

  • common/io/<drivername> for code
  • intel/<drivername>/Makefile for makefile on x86
  • sparc/<drivername>/Makefile for makefile on SPARC